This page was exported from Free Download Lead2pass VCE And PDF Dumps [ ] Export date:Wed Jan 19 14:58:28 2022 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [Lead2pass New] Free Lead2pass Cisco 300-101 PDF Dumps With The Latest Update Exam Questions (281-300) --------------------------------------------------- 2017 October Cisco Official New Released 300-101 Dumps in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! Lead2pass 300-101 braindumps including the exam questions and the answer, completed by our senior IT lecturers and the Cisco product experts, include the current newest 300-101 exam questions. Following questions and answers are all new published by Cisco Official Exam Center: QUESTION 281 Which command prevents routers from sending routing updates through a router interface? A.    default­metric 0 B.    distribute-list in C.    passive-interface D.     distribute-list out Answer: C QUESTION 282 Which three options are valid DHCPv6 functions? (Choose three.) A.    Server B.    client C.    approver D.    requester E.    requester F.    ACK G.    relay Answer: ABG QUESTION 283 After testing various dynamic IPv6 address assignment methods, an engineer decides that more control is needed when distributing addresses to clients. Which two advantages does DHCPv6 have over EUI-64? (Choose two) A.    DHCPv6 requires less planning and configuration than EUI-64 requires. B.    DHCPv6 allows for additional parameters to be sent to the client, such as the domain name and DNS server. C.    DHCPv6 providers tighter control over the IPv6 addresses that are distributed to clients. D.    DHCPv6 does not require the configuration of prefix pools E.    DHCPv6 does not require neighbor and router discovery on the network segment. Answer: BC QUESTION 284 Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer executes the show ipv6 ospf database command and is presented with the output that is shown. Which flooding scope is referenced in the link-state type?   A.    link-local B.    area C.    As (OSPF domain) D.    reserved Answer: B QUESTION 285 What are two BGP neigbourship states? (Choose two) A.    Connect B.    Open Sent Answer: AB QUESTION 286 How to configure ipv6 dhcp relay? A.    DHCPv6 server Facing Interface: ipv6 address autoconfig ipv6 enable exit In Clients Facing Interface ipv6 address ipv6 dhcp relay destination Answer: A QUESTION 287 What is the viable successor of NAT_PT? A.    NAT64 Answer: A QUESTION 288 Statefull NAT64 specifications. (Choose three) A.    1:N translation B.    Conserves IPv4 address C.    Uses address overloading, hence lacks in end-to-end address transparency Answer: ABC QUESTION 289 What is the effect of those two commands? area 1 range summary address 255.255.0000 A.    area 1 range -> command applied to summarize internal OSPF routes (ABR) Summary address -> command applied to summarize external OSPF routes (ASBR) Answer: A QUESTION 290 What is the most security snmp version? A.    v2c auth B.    v2c C.    v3 D.    v1 Answer: C QUESTION 291 What appears in the other router routing table? 3loopbackEIGRP STUB A.    loopback of the stub router advertised B.    loopback of the stub router was not advertised Answer: A QUESTION 292 What is the function of the command redistribute ospf 1 match internal? A.    redistribute ospf 1 match internal means that just inter and intra will be redistributed Answer: A QUESTION 293 Which TCP port for BGP? A.    port 179 Answer: A QUESTION 294 Up/down interface.. what log severity level? A.    level 3 B.    level 4 C.    level 5 D.    level 0 Answer: C QUESTION 295 Which authentication methods are EIGRP uses? A.    sha B.    md5 Answer: B QUESTION 296 Which type of access list allows granular session filtering for upper-level protocols? A.    content-based access lists B.    context-based access lists C.    reglexive access lists D.    extended access lists Answer: C QUESTION 297 Which three configuration parameters can a DHCPV6 pool contain? (Choose three.) A.    domain search list B.    router IP C.    default gateway D.    prefix delegation E.    DNS servers F.    subnet mask Answer: ADE QUESTION 298 Which statement about local policy routing is true? A.    It is used to policy route packets that are generated by the device. B.    It requires all packets to be packet switched. C.    It is used to policy route packets that pass through the device. D.    It requires all packets to be CEF switched. E.    It supports IPv4 packets only. F.    It requires an ip address or access list as the matching criteria. Answer: A QUESTION 299 Which SNMP verification command shows the encryption and authentication protocols that are used in SNMPV3? A.    show snmp group B.    show snmp user C.    show snmp D.    show snmp view Answer: B QUESTION 300 Which type of information is displayed when a network engineer executes the show track 1 command on the router? A.    information about tracking list 1. B.    time to next poll for track object 1. C.    information about the IP route track table. D.    tracking information statistics. Answer: D If you use Lead2pass braindump as your 300-101 exam prepare material, we guarantee your success in the first attempt. 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