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You are developing a Windows Store app.
The app will access several web resources that use an OAuth 2.0 authentication provider.
You need to recommend in which class to store user credentials so that users do not have to reenter their credentials when they access the web resources.
Which class should you recommend?

A.    Windows.Security.Credentials.PasswordVault
B.    Windows.Security.Credentials.UI.CredentialPicker
C.    windows.Security.Authentication.Onlineld.OnlineldAuthenticator
D.    windows.Security.Credentials.WebAccount

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A Windows Store app is closed by the user using the Alt+F4 shortcut.
Which app state will the app be in after it is closed?

A.    ClosedByUser
B.    Terminated
C.    Suspended
D.    NotRunning

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You have been asked to implement the UI of a Windows Store app.
The application requirements make it essential for the app to be fast and fluid, and provide visual feedback to users for their actions at the same time.
The designer of the user interface has recommended using animations.
How should you implement animations while ensuring app requirements are met?

A.    Convince the designer that animations will make the UI complex and unintuitive.
B.    Use animations in the controls provided by the platform and in the animation library.
C.    Implement your own animations and add them to the UI.
D.    Build custom controls and add animations in them. Use these custom controls to build the UI.

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You are developing an app that will be used to purchase and share music.
Users will be allowed to share only content that they have purchased.
You need to display a message within the Share charm when users attempt to share content that they have not purchased.
What should you do?

A.    Use a toast notification.
B.    Use the SetText() method of the DataPackage object.
C.    Set the LegalInformation property of the DataPackage object.
D.    Use the FailWithDisplayText() method of the DataRequest object.

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You are developing a Windows Store app that will display a toast notification.
You need to ensure that when a toast notification is displayed, the first line of the notification is bold.
Which template should you use?

A.    ToastText02
B.    ToastText0l
C.    ToastImageAndText0l
D.    TileSquarePeekImageAndText0l

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You need to retain the data that is entered in the TextBox control when the user navigates away from the PictureSharerMainPage page.
Which code segment should you insert at line CS08?

A.    this.NavigationCacheMode
B.    this.NavigationCacheMode = Windows.01.Xaml-Navigation.NavigationCache.Enabled;
C.    thls.Caption~ext3ox.CacheMode = Windows.01.Xaml.ControlCache.CacheEnabled;
D.    var cache = CaptionTextBox.Text;

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Case Study: 1 – Scenario 1 (QUESTION 11 – QUESTION 13)
You are developing a Windows Store app by using C# and XAML.
The app will allow users to share and rate photos.
The app will also provide information to users about photo competitions.