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A.    a project that is associated with one packageB.    a project that is associated with one modelC.    a project that contains multiple packages, each containing a subset, or all. of the elementsD.    a project that contains multiple models, each containing a subset, or all. of the elements Answer: CD QUESTION 57Your Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation is going live. Just before go-live, a sales executive realizes that the customers should not be allowed to remove certain records if they have one or more approved transactions.You need to perform additional validation when a record is removed from the table.What are two possible actions you can perform to achieve this goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    Override delete() method on the table.B.    Override exist)() method on the table.C.    Override ValidateWrite() method on the table.D.    Override ValidateDelete() method on the table. Answer: BC QUESTION 58Through which two components does Microsoft Dynamics AX UI web client interact with the metadata and other components such as Security, Cache, Workflow, and Batch? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    Data Access Layer (DAL)B.    OData Endpomt (WCF)C.    UI Interaction Layer (WCF)D.    Form Engine Answer: AB QUESTION 59You need to create a new form that will display data from a single.What should you do? A.    Add a data source, specify a pattern, and then add the needed controls for the design.B.    Add a data source, specify a form pattern, and then create a method.C.    Specify the form caption, add a data source, and then create a tab page.D.    Add a data source, create a form part, and then add the needed controls for the design. Answer: D QUESTION 60You need to determine the output of the following: int i - 25;str output = "A";if (i > 10){if (i < 20){output = "B";}else{Question No : 59 - (Topic 2)Question No : 60 - (Topic 2)output - "C";}info(output);}if (i > 20){if (i > 50){Output = ā€œDā€ ;}Elseoutput = "E";}}info (output) ; What is the output in the Infolog after running the code? A.    AEB.    BBC.    CED.    BD Answer: B QUESTION 61You need to add a duty to the Accounts Receivable Manager security role.What are two possible menus or nodes that can be used to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete A.    the Security menu from the System Administration moduleB.    the Security node from the AOTC.    the Setup menu from the System Administration moduleD.    the Setup menu from the Organization Administration module Answer: BD QUESTION 62You have a table named SalesTable that stores sales data. The SalesTable table has a field named Deadline, which is of type Date.You need to write X++ code to update the deadlines of all records in the SalesTable and set the value to today's date.Which code segment should you use? A.    SalesTable Sales!able;ttsBegin;while select forUpdate SalesTable{SalesTable.Deadline - todayO;SalesTable.updateO;}ttsCommit;B.    SalesTable SalesTable;ttsBegin; doselect firstonly forUpdate SalesTable where SalesTable.Deadline != todayO; SalesTable.Deadline = today();SalesTable.update();}while(SalesTable.Redd);ttsCommit;C.    SalesTable SalesTable;while select forUpdate SalesTable{SalesTable.Deadline ?today();SalesTable.update();}D.    SalesTable SalesTable;ttsBegin;while select SalesTable{SalesTable.Deadline = today();SalesTabte.update();}ttsCommit; Answer: A QUESTION 63You create the following three tables to manage vehicle inventory: CarTable, TruckTable, and VehicleTable.The VehicleTable contains general information, such as Vehicle ID, Year, and Manufacturer.You want these fields inherited to CarTable and TruckTable so that you do not have to recreate them.Which two properties must you set on CarTable and TruckTable to achieve this goal? A.    Table Type and ExtendsB.    Allow Edit and ExtendsC.    Extends and Support InheritanceD.    Support Inheritance and Table Type Answer: AB QUESTION 64You need to create a user interface that provides a one-page overview of activity and helps users understand the current status the workload ahead, and the performance of the process or the user.Which form pattern should you use? A.    workspace patternB.    list patternC.    area patternD.    details pattern Answer: C QUESTION 65You need to create a form with the Operational Workspace pattern type to track a business activity. Which tab style should you use in conjunction with this pattern? A.    vertical tab styleB.    panorama tab styleC.    fast tabs styleD.    drop list tab style Answer: B QUESTION 66You are using the Visual Studio development environment to perform a customization for your client.You are preparing to build a project after new modification.Which behavior should you expect from the project? A.    It will only build the elements that are new or have been changed since the last buildB.    It will build all of the elements of the package that the project is a part of.C.    It will build all of the elements as part of the project.D.    It will build all of the elements for the model that the project is a part of. Answer: B QUESTION 67You need to configure a Microsoft Dynamics AX development environment on the cloud for your customer.Which service should you use to deploy on Microsoft Azure? A.    Microsoft Office 365 serviceB.    Microsoft Azure SQL serviceC.    Microsoft Azure Active Directory serviceD.    Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Service Answer: A QUESTION 68You are developing logic to perform mathematical calculations and to save the information in a table field with the click of a button.his logic needs to catch the exception specYou write logic in a class method and call this method from the button click e to a message due to an illegal but nonfatal action.Which type of exception handling should you use in your code? A.    breakB.    infoC.    errorD.    warning Answer: A QUESTION 69You have several forms that use a table named Customers as a data source to display information about your customers.You need to maintain all of the fields that relate to a customer's address information.You also need the ability to add fields in the future, such as Address 2 or Address 3, and have them dynamically be shown on your forms once they are added to the table. What should you create on the table, so it can populate the correct fields on the final form? A.    a relationship to another tableB.    a field group containing all of the "address related" fieldsC.    a table collectionD.    an index to organize the data Answer: C QUESTION 70You need to create a menu item that can be attached to a formWhich type of menu item should you create? A.    Enum Type ParameterB.    DisplayC.    OutputD.    Linked Permission Object Answer: A Suggestion, read MB6-890 questions carefully try to understand or guess what they're asking for. Hope everyone passes. 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