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You plan to export sales data that will be used in the annual report of your company.
You need to provide a copy of some of the sales data to the company stakeholders.
Which format can you use to export the data?

A.    Adobe PDF
B.    Microsoft Word
C.    Microsoft PowerPoint
D.    Microsoft Visio

Answer: B
Word Templates can be used similar to the standard out of the box reports as a way of giving and distributing information. These types of reports can be styled how you wish (and using the limits of Microsoft Word) but with little effort can look much nicer whilst still taking less time and money creating more complex reporting through SSRS for example.

You call a potential customer to discuss one of your company’s products.
During the call, you discover that the potential customer is uninterested in the product.
You need to document the conversation and your decision not to pursue the potential customer any further.
What should you do?

A.    Detail the conversation in a note and attach the note to a lead.
B.    Create a lead, track the activity, and then mark the lead as Disqualified
C.    Create an opportunity, track the activity, and then close the opportunity as Lost
D.     Detail the conversation in a note and attach the note to an opportunity

Answer: B
The Lead entity can have the state of Disqualified out of the following reasons:
Cannot Contact
No Longer Interested

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that uses server-side synchronization to process email.
A manager requests that you create the mailbox records defined as shown in the following table.


You need to identify which record will fail to be created.
Which record should you identify?

A.    User2
B.    User3
C.    User1
D.    User4

Answer: B

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that uses Microsoft SharePoint for document management by using server-side synchronization.
You need to identity which SharePoint actions tan be performed directly from CRM.
What should you identify?

A.    Modify the settings of the columns in a SharePoint list.
B.    View the document version history.
C.    Display the documents contained in the SharePoint document library.
D.    Create and manage SharePoint content types-

Answer: B
If you use SharePoint Server with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CRM users and non-CRM users can work together as a team to achieve common business goals through improved communication. The document records are stored in SharePoint, and you can view them from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In addition, you can take advantage of SharePoint capabilities, such as checking documents in and out, viewing version history, and changing document properties.
Creating and managing SharePoint document location records. Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can create and manage SharePoint Server document location records after SharePoint Server integration is enabled.
Using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK messages on the SharePointSite and SharePointDocumentLocation entities, you can create, retrieve, update, and delete records.
Performing these operations on SharePoint location records only manipulates the data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It does not create, update, or delete the locations on the SharePoint server.

You have a quote named Quote1 that was activated and presented to a customer.
You plan to take a long leave of absence.
In your absence, a user named User2 will take ownership of Quote1.
You need to transfer ownership of Quote1 to User2.
What should you do?

A.    Click Assign and select User2
B.    Click Close and instruct User2 to create a new quote.
C.    Click Share and select User2
D.    Click Email a Link and select User2

Answer: A
The Assign command changes ownership of a record. Valid for user-owned or team-owned entities.

You company employs consultants who bill customers for their time.
You sales team is responsible for selling the consultants time, in addition to selling product licenses.
You need to provide the sales team with the ability to create opportunities, quotes, and invoices for the consultant’s time.
What should you create first?

A.    a product family
B.    a price list
C.    a product bundle
D.    a unit group

Answer: D
Units are the quantities or measurements that you sell your products or services in. For example, if you sell gardening supplies, you might sell seeds in units of packets, boxes, and pallets. A unit group is a collection of these different units.

You recently visited a trade show and you interacted with many potential customers.
As a vendor al the trade show, you receive a CSV file that contains detailed information about the 643 attendees who showed interest in your products.
You need to efficiently and accurately input this information into Dynamics CRM for future use in the sales process.
Which method should you use?

A.    Import the details as new activates.
B.    Import the details as new leads.
C.    Update opportunities to reflect new prospects.
D.     Import the information as part of a solution file.

Answer: A
Whether your data is stored in spreadsheets, databases, or other systems, you’ll probably want to import the data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM so you can keep track of all your customer information in one place.
You can import any type of information, such as accounts, leads, or opportunities – even activities or cases. (The different types of information are called “record types.”)

You have a recalled product that should no longer be sold.
You need to remove the. Product from the available list of products and to prevent any sales from being processed for the product.
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Remove the product from the family hierarchy.
B.    Modify the open opportunities.
C.    Update the price list.
D.    Retire the product.
E.    Modify the validity date of the product.

Answer: AB

User1 is the owner of the Specialists team.
User2 adds a case that she owns to the Specialists team’s queue.
Who now owns the case?

A.    The Specialists team
B.    The owner of the Specialist team’s queue
C.    User1
D.    User2

Answer: D

Which two statements about queues are true?(Choose TWO)

A.    Queues allow users to remove themselves from responsibility for an item by using the Remove button.
B.    Queues allow users to process items that they do not own.
C.    You can delete a queue item without deleting the record for which the queue item was created.
D.    Queues allow users to see multiple record types that require action in one list.

Answer: BC

For which two entities does Microsoft Dynamics CRM create a default queue when the entity is created?(Choose TWO)

A.    Opportunities
B.    Activities
C.    Cases
D.    Users
E.    Teams

Answer: DE

Which action is possible directly from the All Contracts view?

A.    Delete an active contract by using the Delete button.
B.    Delete a canceled contract by using the Delete button.
C.    Set an on-hold contract to Active by using the Release Contract button.
D.    Set an on-hold contract to Active by using the Activate button.

Answer: D

Which of the following statements about marketing lists are true? (Choose all that apply.)

A.    Static marketing lists cannot be locked.
B.    You can copy a dynamic marketing list to a static marketing list.
C.    One dynamic marketing list can contain accounts, contacts, and leads.
D.    You can add members to a static marketing list by using an Advanced Find query.
E.    You can remove members from a dynamic marketing list by using an Advanced Find query.

Answer: DB

You need to schedule a phone call to a group of Accounts and Contacts, followed three days later by an email message. What should you do?

A.    Create one quick campaign.
B.    Create two quick campaigns.
C.    Create one campaign with one marketing list.
D.    Create one campaign with two marketing lists.

Answer: D

You are creating a discount list.
Which two types of discounts can you create?(Choose TWO)

A.    Unit
B.    Base
C.    Formula
D.    Amount
E.    Percentage

Answer: DE

You have four opportunities to sell a product to customers who are located on the same street. You need to ensure that the opportunities are related. What should you do?

A.    Include the same note in all four opportunities.
B.    Apply a custom connection role.
C.    Include all four opportunities in one goal.
D.    Send one email message to which each customer is copied.

Answer: D

You open the My Open Opportunities view.
You need to export the data in the view, and then import the data so that the existing records are updated.
What should you do?

A.    Export the data as a dynamic PivotTable.
B.    Export the data as a dynamic worksheet.
C.    Export the data and select the Make available for re-import option.
D.    Export the data as a static worksheet.

Answer: D
The full list of data export options available with CRM 2015 Update 1 includes:
Static Worksheet/Open in Excel Online
Static Worksheet on Page
Dynamic Worksheet
Dynamic PivotTable
The first three options provide the ability to import the exported file back, making the process of CRM data modifications even more streamlined.
Incorrect Answers:
A: Dynamic PivotTable does not support re-import.
B: If we want to allow for updates we cannot choice a static worksheet.
C: One of the most exciting changes in the redesigned CRM Data Export and Data Import is the ability to export CRM data in Excel format and re-import it back. Now, every export file brings the GUIDs associated with CRM records, and users can bulk edit and re-import the data back if required. Previously, CRM could only import data that was marked for data reimport. CRM is now intelligent enough to recognize the GUIDs of exported records and match them automatically when data is re-imported back to CRM.

You have a new policy at your company which states that you must track competitors to whom you lost opportunities.
What should you do?

A.    From the opportunity, click Close As Lost, and then click OK.
Open the opportunity record, and then specify the competitor.
B.    From the opportunity, click Close As Lost, specify the competitor, and then click OK.
C.    From the opportunity, click Close As Lost, and then click OK.
Locate the opportunity close activity, and then modify the activity.
D.     From the opportunity, specify a competitor, click Close As Lost, and then click OK.

Answer: A

You have an opportunity for a customer named Contoso.
You are ready to offer a quote.
You know that a competing company submitted a quote to Contoso for the same product.
You need to track information about the competing company.
What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Add the competitor to the quote.
B.    Add the competitor to the account.
C.    Add the competitor to the products.
D.    Add the competitor to the opportunity.

Answer: AD

One of your top-selling products is now available in multiple colors.
You need to make the color choices available to sales representatives for use in quotes and orders. What should you do?

A.    Update the unit group.
B.    Clone the product for each color.
C.    Revise the product and update the description.
D.    Add a property option set item.

Answer: C

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