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You have an Active Directory forest that contains 30 servers and 6,000 Client computers.
You deploy a new DHCP server that runs Windows Server 2016.
You need to retrieve the list of the authorized DHCP servers.
Which command should you run?

A.    Get-DHCPServerDatabase
B.    Netstat -p IP -s -a
C.    Get-DHCPServerInDc
D.    Show-ADAuthenticationPolicyExpression -AllowedToAuthenticateTo Continue reading

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Which of the following for which of the following cable style connector?

A.    DVI
B.    VGA
C.    RGB
D.    Composite video

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In which of the following locations would a technician go to show file extensions?

A.    Security Center
B.    Folder Options
C.    Display
D.    System

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What features can protect the data plane? (Choose three.)

A.    policing
B.    ACLs
C.    IPS
D.    antispoofing
E.    QoS
F.    DHCP-snooping

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A Unified Communications engineer wants to configure a Cisco TelePresence SX endpoint using static IP addressing to use a different TFTP server.
Which path will allow the engineer to complete this configuration?

A.    Network Services > Network 1 > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off
B.    Network > TFTP > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off
C.    Network Services > TFTP > DHCP RequestTFTPServerAddress > Off
D.    Configuration > System Configuration > Provisioning > Set the External Manager Address Continue reading

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Which two technologies comprise a Cisco Presence deployment? (Choose two.)

A.    Cisco Unified Presence Server
B.    Cisco Unity Connection
C.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager
D.    Active Directory
E.    Cisco Unified Border Element
F.    Cisco Expressway

Answer: AC

Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question.
When a call is placed from the Branch Router phone to the PSTN number of 914085551212, the call is failing.
What dial-peer is supposed to be used and why is the call failing? Select 2 (two)


A.    dial-peer voice 910 pots
B.    dial-peer voice 9 pots
C.    dial-peer voice 9001 voip
D.    destination pattern is incorrect
E.    prefix is missing from the dial-peer
F.    the port assignment is incorrect in the dial-peer
G.    the port number is missing in the dial-peer

Answer: BF

Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question.
Emergency calls from a Branch router phone is failing.
From the router configuration information provided, why is this call failing?


A.    The dial-peer port assignment is incorrect
B.    the digit string prefix is missing
C.    The destination pattern is incorrect
D.    digit stripping needs to be performed

Answer: C

Which three network elements are crucial when deploying VoIP devices? (Choose three.)

A.    Round-trip time
B.    QoS markings
C.    Bandwidth
D.    Ethernet
E.    Fibre
F.    Token ring

Answer: ABC

An administrator group is looking to on-board multiple users with Cisco Unified Communications Manager at one time.
Which option should be used?

A.    Bulk Administration Tool
B.    Product Upgrade Tool
C.    Command Lookup Tool
D.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager User Options Page
E.    Cisco Upload Tool

Answer: A

Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question.
International calls are also failing.
Using the router configuration supplied, why are international calls failing?


A.    Prefix should be 00
B.    The character “T” cannot be used in a Pots dial pattern
C.    The port should be 0/0/0:12
D.    The destination pattern is missing a “0”

Answer: A

Use the router console to view the configuration and answer the question.
Calls to National numbers are failing.
Using the Branch router configuration, correctly determine why these calls are not successful


A.    The port assignment should be 0/0/0:12
B.    The destination pattern should be 90[1-9]T
C.    The character “T” cannot be used in a Pots dial pattern
D.    The digit prefix should be “00”

Answer: B

A user wants their name to show on their phone instead of their directory number.
Which configuration item allows an administrator to do this?

A.    Line Text Label
B.    Alerting Name
C.    External Phone Number Mask
D.    Caller Name
E.    Description

Answer: A

A user would like all calls to be forwarded to voice mail.
The user’s phone is not set up with a soft key for this feature.
Which option accomplishes this configuration from within the Cisco Unified Communication Administrator Directory Number configuration page?

A.    Call Forward and Pickup Settings > Forward No Coverage External > Select voice mail check
B.    Call Forward and Pickup Settings > Forward Busy External > Select voice mail check box
C.    Call Forward and Pickup Settings > Forward All > Select voice mail check box
D.    Call Forward and Pickup Settings > Forward Unregistered External > Select voice mail check

Answer: C

A new user has successfully registered Cisco Jabber.
Which option verifies that the Jabber client is connected to all appropriate back-end systems?

A.    Show Connection Status
B.    Report A Problem
C.    Advanced Settings
D.    About Jabber
E.    Reset Jabber

Answer: A

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A customer cannot access the GUI on the Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller from the management interface due to network failure. Which interface can the customer use to access the WLC GUI until the network issues are resolved?

A.    virtual
B.    dynamic
C.    console port
D.    service port Continue reading

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You are designing a network that requires a routing protocol that will use minimal network bandwidth. Which would satisfy this requirement?

A.    RIPv2
B.    RIPng
C.    OSPF
D.    ARP
E.    EGP Continue reading

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What two utilities provide a VMware vSphere 6.x Administrator a detailed look at how ESXi uses resources in real time? (Choose two.)

A.    Esxtop
B.    Vim-cmd
C.    Resxtop
D.    Esxcli Continue reading

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You have a database that includes the following tables. All of the tables are in the Production schema. Continue reading

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Hotspot Question
You have a table named HumanResources.Department that was created with the query shown in the exhibit. (Click the Exhibit button.) Continue reading

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Note: This question is part of a series of questions that present the same scenario. Each question in the series contains a unique solution that might meet the stated goals. Some question sets might have more than one correct solution, while others might not have a correct solution.

After you answer a question in this section. You will NOT be able to return to it. As a result, these questions will not appear in the review screen.

You have a table named Products that stores information about products your company sells. The table has a column named ListPrice that stores retail pricing information for products.

Some products are used only internally by the company. Records for these products are maintained in the Products table for inventory purposes. The price for each of these products is $0.00. Customers are not permitted to order these products.

You need to increase the list price for products that cost less than $100 by 10 percent. You must only increase pricing for products that customers are permitted to order.

Solution: You run the following Transact-SQL statement: Continue reading

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